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Welcome to SAINI Co., Ltd.

Certified Exporter of Japanese Used Vehicles

Caution !! Customers should send money in name of SAINI Co., Ltd. in Japan only. We do not take any responsbility if payment not reflect to SAINI Co., Ltd. account. See details

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Welcome to SAINI Co., Ltd.

Exporter of Japanese Used Cars & Trucks and Machinery SAINI Co., Ltd. is responding to the increasing demand for Japanese used car in many countries, and exporting Japanese used car around the world. Our company member of the largest Japanese used car auctions in Japan, so we can provide you many high quality Japanese used car that have been maintained carefully in Japan. When you are considering importing a Japanese used car, please contact us. We are exporting Japanese used car to all international customers who appreciate Japanese used car. The best thing is we offer you great vehicles in your budget price. Our motive is customer satisfaction because Satisfied customer brings another customer.

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